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Covering your fire sprinklers is crucial to protecting your residents. Paint on fire sprinklers renders them deficient under fire code. When fire sprinklers are painted they are hindered from activating at the proper time. In some cases they are not able to activate at all. Coverdome® aims to guard fire sprinklers from paint by completely enclosing them with a fire sprinkler shield.

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The Coverdome® is the first ever patented paint cover (U.S. Patent No. D662,569) designed to protect semi-recessed fire sprinkler heads prior to painting.  It is cup-like in appearance, with an aerodynamically shaped domed end that allows sprayed paint to flow around it.  Made of PVC that is orange in color, the Coverdome® attaches to the fire sprinkler head trim ring with removable foam adhesive or with a magnet for repeat uses.


Applies in seconds and completely protects the fire sprinkler

Hundreds of thousands of fire sprinklers are painted annually across the United States, placing lives and properties at risk.  When paint is sprayed onto a fire sprinkler head, it creates a seal that in the event of a fire greatly increases the activation response time of the fire sprinkler head.  It is even possible that the fire sprinkler will not activate at all!  The possible loss of life and damage to property due to the increased activation response time creates a huge liability factor. 

Painted fire sprinklers are REQUIRED by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to be replaced. Replacements are not only intrusive and disruptive to those in the replacement area but also extremely costly as well.  Nothing will wreck a carefully planned annual budget more quickly than finding out that you have hundreds of painted fire sprinklers that must be replaced.


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Have you ever worried about breaking that little glass vial as you wrapped masking tape, tin foil, plastic bags, or paper around the fire sprinkler?  The Coverdome® enables you to quickly cover fire sprinklers without having to physically handle them.  The Coverdome® saves you valuable time by not having to 'tape' every fire sprinkler!